5 Things You Should Never Ask On A First Date

First Date is always special. And I’m pretty sure no one would like to ruin it by asking some stupid questions on first date itself. You should know what to ask and how to ask something on your date. It is the first impression and yes you will be judged on it. All you need to do is make a good impression, and if you like the person, being natural and yourself is the best way to go. We are here for your rescue. Read on to know.

Why are you still single?

Come on dude, this is your first date. You don’t need to ask this. It is none of your concern right now. You may not intend to make him feel bad about it but he might think that he is not good enough, therefore, he is single. You may think that you are only innocently asking, but the repercussion could be deep-rooted, even if you are okay to provide similar information about yourself. Another one in this category to avoid would be: Why did you leave your ex?

Why did you decide to meet me?

Okay, I understand you want to get compliments. But have patience and be generous. If you behave well, you will automatically get some just don’t fish for them. There will come a time later, on the following dates, where he will open up and tell you what he liked about you and the reason why he decided to meet up. Wait for that time.

Do you own a house/ car?

Seriously? This question stinks! Now think yourself, do you need a loving and caring guy or a Richie-rich. It would be great if you find all this in one guy but for the time being you aren’t getting. However, before becoming serious you would like to understand the person’s financial stability, but the first date is not the most apt instance to ask this question. Wait for the right time and you will know. This also goes for the question: How much money do you make?

Where do you think this is going?

Well, I’m not sure how you feel on this date but I’m sure if you ask this, you aren’t getting any other date with this person. Or something to the effect of—do you want kids in the future? How soon do you want to get married? Just stop being desperate on the first date. If you want to know whether he likes kids, talk about a kid around you to see his reaction. You can be subtle!

So what do you want to know about me?

Just enjoy the time you are having at this moment. Surely, he will have a way of asking things from you. Just answer him when he does. But till then just feel the moment passing by. The ideal way to get to know each other is asking questions subtly that turn into conversations you both can enjoy. Keep it spontaneous.


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